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Kanon Wakeshima
Written @ 7:37 AM
I know I'm a violinist... but... I'm also a fan of Kanon Wakeshima! And she's a cellist!
She's so beautiful, and she's gothic. Her ability to play cello also very cool!
That's why I like her.
So, this is her.
Wakeshima Kanon
分島 花音

x---Short Profile---x
 Name : Kanon Wakeshima (Wakeshima Kanon)
Birthdate : June 28, 1988.
 From : Tokyo, Japan.
Instruments : Cello, Vocals.
Occupation : Singer, Musician.

She have been learning to play cello since the age of 3. She formed her own ensemble group in Junior High School. She began combining her singing and cello playing at the age of sixteen.
At May 28, 2008, she had her first debut with single "Still Doll." The music was used as an ending song for an anime titled "Vampire Knight".

You can see another picture of her :

- Kanon with her red cello. She called it Nanachie-san (means wisdom). She usually use this cello in her music video.

- Gothic!

That's all from me! I'll update another info about her soon!
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